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Hi-Tek Connection

Executive Management


Charles “Charlie” Brown

Business Promoter, Sales & Marketing Expert


Profile: Charles acumen stems from prior affiliations with Fortune 500 Companies i.e. Fluor, Dun & Bradstreet and Sony. Since then as an Entrepreneur he has put together the plan, system, direction, implementation, infrastructure and methodology to advance the small to mid size company to the next level. Charles is a strategic marketing expert of both off and on-line business with a plethora of marketing resources to help business's achieve majority market share without being labor intensive, strengthening the backbone of companies in Corporate America. His loyal and dedicated service is a tribute to his beliefs that makes it a win-win situation for all. He believes in expeditious quality customer service, integrity and a make it happen now attitude. His expertise is successfully forming synergistic business alliances and solutions that add credence to an organizations bottom line. Charles overall has 20+ years proven track record of success, creating the building blocks needed for long term profitable relationships.  


Contact Information: Phone 817.539.0512



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